We deliver the truly scent of Christmas to all Dubai and Abu Dhabi homes.

Oleander Flowers proudly presents a special selection of fresh Christmas trees directly from the icy forest of Canada.

The Fraser

Originally native from the southeastern Appalachian Mountains, The Fraser Fir has being cultivated in Canada reserves, and widely appreciated for its dark blue-green coloration, pleasant scent, harmonic triangle shape and good needle-retention, characteristics that have made it an excellent choice for a marvelous Christmas Tree.

For over 15 years, Oleander imports a hand harvest selection of fresh Christmas Trees directly from the icy forests of Canada, ensuring to deliver the high quality fresh firs to you. Every year, we receive over 2 thousand premium fresh Christmas Trees that are delivered to all UAE homes. That is what makes Oleander the Christmas Tree Expert in UAE.

Our process begins in Canada, where Oleander’s Christmas Trees are harvested in low temperature days and dispatched in refrigerated cargo at 5°C to keep the freshness all way to Dubai.

Once the arrived in Dubai, the Christmas trees receive a fresh cut and placed immediately in water to hydrate. In a blink of eye, Oleander’s Nursery becomes an authentic Canadian Christmas Tree forest.

A great Christmas tree needs, before all, a strong and reliable stand to keep the tree steady and straight.

We are sure, you will have an amazing time decoration your Christmas tree with all adorns you could find. So don’t underestimate the weigh, and don’t improvise, get a real professional stand.

Choosing the right spot for your Christmas tree is also important. Do that before, mounting the tree on the stand, and releasing the braches from the wrappings.

The best place should be cool, away from the heat and out of direct sunlight.

A fresh cut in the trunk will help your Christmas tree to hydrate and last longer.

Make sure of checking the water level in my stand TWICE PER DAY, and refill when necessary.

Check light strings for signs of wear. Use LED lights, they don’t dry out the Christmas tree as much

Always turn lights off before going out and going to bed.

Don’t burn your Christmas tree in wood stoves. Recycling your tree is a good gesture to the Nature.